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What do you want to achieve? These are some of the benefits investing in personal training with Firepower can bring you... 

           FAT LOSS


With workouts designed to supercharge your metabolism plus lifestyle and nutrition enhancements to keep that metabolism burning, watch the fat dissolve and reveal the physique you want.

           BUILD MUSCLE


Muscles respond to being put through their paces and redesign themselves bigger, stronger and more defined. Whether you're are looking to lose weight or gain lean muscle mass as the ultimate goal, looking better means pumping those muscles and sculpting them into the body shape you want to achieve.

            MUSCLE TONE


Utilising a multifaceted approach to cardiovascular and resistance training means you burn the fat and gain the right level of muscle definition for your ideal physique.

            CORE STRENGTH


Since we use our core muscles constantly throughout the day, strengthening this area is vitally important to our everyday health and activity, let alone our sporting endeavours. Of course, in doing so, we can make them look awesome too!



Training will boost your body's ability to not only store more energy in your muscles but become better at releasing it, so you will have that athletic energy when you need it to run for the bus, play with the kids or win that long rally in your squash match.

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