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New Year New Start

With the New Year comes new year's resolutions; Christmas pudding to burn off and Spring already just around the corner! Get a fresh start with Firepower's "New Year New Start!" package; Five one to one personal training sessions to coach you through a fat burn programme to hit your goals. Nutrition is such an important part of achieving the fat loss we seek and so naturally this is included in this Special Offer Package! 

Bridal Bootcamp!


The big day is coming up soon and you are daydreaming already about how great you hope your photos will look; but you still want to lose those last few pounds so you can look your very best in the photos that will last for a lifetime. This package is an intensive bootcamp for Brides-To-Be wanting to trim down and shape up for their dream dress. Places are limited for this deal due to the nature of the training. Clients will undergo a consultation phase, receive a personalised training plan and then train with a Personal Trainer. In addition, Brides-To-Be will receive nutrition support and advice to achieve their goal of being in shape for their day in the spotlight!


- Full health consultation

- EIGHT personal training  sessions 

- Personalised training plans to hit your goal weight


- Limited availability 



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