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Upon commencing your training with us we undertake a detailed consultation phase, during which we will build up a profile of your current fitness levels and what you plan on achieving. This will include nutritional, lifestyle, postural and sleep assessments as well as a number of basic fitness tests. 

Using this information, we then create a training programme based specifically upon not only your own ability level but the goals that you wish to attain, as well as your own exercise preference. Since it's designed specifically for you, each exercise can be adjusted to ensure that you are working most efficiently for your ability, maximising the effect of your training time and meaning you see faster results. 

Working with a trainer is also a great motivating tool; many try to go it alone and fail. Training with Firepower means you have support even when not in sessions, as email support for your fitness and health related queries is included as standard and you can join in with the Firepower community of clients with the Facebook site containing articles and health and fitness tips.



 Services Summary:

- Personalised and progressive exercise programmes designed to achieve your goals

​- Nutritional support and advice

- Lifestyle analysis for holistic health

- Varied, goal based training sessions

- Multiple location training: studio, outdoors or even delivered in your own home with the Mobile Service

- Postural assessment and muscle release
​- Newsletter with health and fitness articles keeping you abreast of developments

- Email support for nutrition or exercise queries





Firepower Fitness Bootcamps are a fun and sociable way to workout, involving high intensity metabolic conditioning exercise to attack the fat and burn those calories! Pushing your metabolic rate up (the rate at which your body uses energy for day to day activity) means you will benefit from continuing to burn calories even after you have stopped working out and our bootcamps are designed to boost exactly that. It's outdoor camps so dress appropriately for the weather and for all sessions bring a drink to rehydrate and a towel to lie on or wipe down with! See the Bootcamps tab for more info and to get yourself signed up.



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